It was 1907 and the car was still a novelty, not a regular mode of transport as we know today. It was a play thing for the rich and adventurous.

It was then that Parisian newspaper, Le Matin, issued a challenge … ‘Will anyone agree to go this Summer from Peking to Paris by motorcar?’

Drivers of four different makes of vehicle rose to this 14,000km challenge. With no rules, no maps, or indeed, no roads for much of the route, the stage was set for the adventure of a lifetime.

The Great 2005 Peking to Paris Expedition is an historic recreation never before attempted. Adventurer Lang Kidby, newspaper cartoonist, media personality, Warren Brown, and motoring journalist Mick Matheson retrace the original route of the 1907 Peking to Paris trial for the first time in almost 100 years. 

Four original vintage cars and one bike with sidecar set off across the globe – China, Mongolia, Siberia, Russia and into Europe. Alongside them travelled two back up vehicles, a local guide, The ABC film crew and their support staff … and one photographer! Bob.

The images were all processed on the road and sent via satellite each night to the publisher to produce a stunning coffeetable book of the expedition.

Photography By Bob Barker

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